What is the need for the Ram Master?

With the events of Columbine, North Hollywood, 9/11 and our ever increasing violent crime rate around the world, our local police forces are being asked to do more CQB, to include forced entry, than at any time in history. With this increase in demand for CQB actions, SWAT teams are busy and sometimes over extended. Patrol officers are also being asked to act swiftly and not always wait for SWAT team to arrive before acting. So it is fair to say that there are more doors being breached these days, and the stakes have never been higher. And until now, there has not been an effective way to properly train large numbers of officers on the proper use of a hand held breaching ram.

How does the Ram Master work?
It’s really very simple. The Ram Master is a big piston in the shape of a saw horse. The piston has a 12” X 12” rubber strike faceplate. Once the Ram Master is hit, the piston travels back approx. 10” and is then immediately pulled back into the starting position with extension springs. It re-sets itself before you can make another swing. Therefore you can hit it repeatedly until you tire out. Literally 20 times in 20 seconds. On the short setting, officers can practice the normal hit on doorknob height. However once you expand the telescoping legs and “raise” the Ram Master, you can now practice those tough hits on the hinge side. Once raised the Ram Master strike zone is right at 70” (standard high door hinge). Raising it only takes 2 min and no tools are necessary.

How hard can you hit the Ram Master?

Basically you cannot hit the Ram Master hard enough to hurt it. Depending on whom you are training, the tension springs can be set accordingly. The Ram Master can be set up for two big SWAT cops using a two man ram, or the smallest framed officer who has never swung a ram before. And you can change from these two scenarios in about 10 seconds. It is as simple as changing out the springs. If properly hit with enough force, it will “dead end” after approx. 10” of travel and hit the back plate. This can be seen by the trainer/instructor and is good feedback on how the trainee is doing.

What is the benefit to my team or department?
The benefit is that your entire SWAT team or department can be properly trained on the use of a ram in short order. When was the last time your entire SWAT team was able to take 20 full force swings on a door in training? It’s been a while, right? Name a department where every officer coming through the training academy has had a chance to actually hit a door with a ram for training purposes? Not many out there. Well, the Ram Master can change that. Each member of a 25 officer SWAT team can all take 20 hits on this training device in a matter of 30 minutes. In a matter of 2-3 hours, a 100-officer cadet academy can be taught how to swing a ram and actually take 20 hits each. Simply put, your team or department cannot afford not to pass up these training numbers. This is a one time purchase that can be used an infinite number of times without built in replacement parts and in the minimal amount of training time. Police departments would be foolish to pass up on this training tool and it’s benefits.

What parts will have to be replaced?
None. The Ram Master does not have any parts that you have to replace like other “simulated door” devices. There is a possibility that years down the road a spring may be slightly worn out. Springs can be sent to you at no cost.

Is the Ram Master mobile?

Yes. The Ram Master can be easily moved to different training locations such as an academy, gymnasium, firing range, tactical training location and off site locations. The rubber feet prevent scratching to smooth finished surfaces. The legs can also be removed so the Ram Master can be transported in the back seat of a police cruiser. Use it indoors or out.


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